Monitor Complex User Flows with Checkly's Multistep Checks

Monitor Complex User Flows with Checkly's Multistep Checks

Apr 10, 2024

Learn how Checkly's new multistep checks help you to decrease incident response times with synthetic monitoring.

Use multistep checks to chain and manage multiple API requests, run custom code for response validation, and get accurate alerts when incidents occur. This video explains how to create a multistep check to monitor a RESTful API from scratch.

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Multistep check docs:
Checkly API monitoring:
Monitoring as Code:

0:00 Intro

0:32 Checkly's synthetic monitoring checks

0:57 The new check type — multistep!

2:01 Let's create a multistep check from scratch

3:09 Use `test.step()`

4:03 Make requests with Playwright's `request` fixture

5:57 Analyze multistep check results

6:48 Program your multistep checks

8:47 Create the new multistep check

9:16 Monitor your APIs with multistep checks

9:48 Multistep check documentation

10:38 Outro

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