Migrate & Modernize on AWS ECS using Docker Compose & JFrog Platform

Migrate & Modernize on AWS ECS using Docker Compose & JFrog Platform

May 19, 2021

In this webinar we demonstrate how to automate, manage, and secure software releases and CI/CD pipelines from code to edge with the JFrog DevOps Platform and Docker Compose on AWS infrastructure.

We will provide a demo of how to manage your containerized apps through development, testing, and production environments with Docker Compose and JFrog Artifactory. Next, we’ll show you how JFrog Xray integrates with Artifactory and recursively scans all container layers, ensuring Docker images have been scanned for all known security vulnerabilities and compliance risks. JFrog Pipelines can easily be set up to automate and orchestrate multiple pipelines along with Docker Compose to run multi-container Docker applications and managed from a single pane of glass, without modifying the developer experience throughout the migration and modernization journey. And finally, we’ll demonstrate how to distribute immutable releases across the globe from code to edge - even across hybrid environments.

You will have a better understanding how AWS, Docker, and JFrog can collectively help accelerate their cloud migrations and modernization of their DevOps practices.

More resources:

00:00 - Introductions
01:50 - Overview of JFrog
06:02 - JFrog on AWS
07:39 - JFrog with Docker
11:20 - What is Docker compose?
16:16 - Docker Compose Amazon ECS Integration
18:10 - Code Walkthrough Docker Compose ECS Integration
34:40 - JFrog Platfrom Demo
57:20 Q&A and Closing