LogicMonitor Envision Dexda Demo

LogicMonitor Envision Dexda Demo

Watch this demo video to learn about our latest offering in AIOps, Dexda. Dexda ingests events from LogicMonitor Envision and seamlessly transforms them into episodes. Advanced machine learning techniques automatically identify features in the alert data to correlate the disparate alerts into connected insights based on time, resources involved, environment, and other significant features of the enriched alert data.

Furthermore, Dexda's insights use advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically summarize the alerts in a correlation into their most succinct form, vastly reducing the time it takes for support teams to reason about the mass of alerts and drive down MTTR. The resulting streamlined list of specific actions gives ITOps, Engineers, DevOps, and MLOps teams the time, space, and data needed to prioritize resolving business-critical issues faster than their competitors.

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