Kafka and Flink in Lottoland

Kafka and Flink in Lottoland

Apr 12, 2022

Would you like to see how Lottoland is taking advantage of real-time streaming and processing using Kafka and Flink? Then this webinar is for you! Kafka and Flink are the dynamic duo of real-time streaming and processing. Hand-in-hand they can transform your data pipeline into a fast and efficient processing powerhouse.

Key topics in the webinar:

00:00 Jason Hepp, Director of Solutions Architecture at Aiven, explains what is Flink and what are the most common use cases

09:37 José Farfán, VP of Data at Lottoland, shows how they currently use Kafka and Flink for their gaming services

31:50 Jason Hepp demos how to build a real-time ranking and scoring system for players

43:50 Q&A session