JFrog Quick Tip - How to create a virtual (maven) repo

JFrog Quick Tip - How to create a virtual (maven) repo

Jan 27, 2023

This JFrog Quick Tip shows how to create a virtual repository. But what do you do with it?

A virtual repository consists of local, remote, and other virtual repositories. This is a composition of different repositories but of the same content type. In this case, for example, it is a maven repository.
The advantage of virtual repositories is that you can encapsulate the external structures given, so they are no longer visible in the internal networks. But the roles and rights system can also be implemented quickly since each user only sees the content in a virtual JFrog repository for which the rights are available. However, it is more than just an aggregate from which one can read. You can also write to this composite as soon as you specify a default deployment repo in the definition.

The german version of this video you can see here: https://youtu.be/Gj9_RJa3ROg