JFrog Pipelines for Shippable Customers

JFrog Pipelines for Shippable Customers

Feb 16, 2021

JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable completed the JFrog Platform by providing a CI/CD orchestration layer in the form of JFrog Pipelines. During the last two years following the acquisition, we continued to provide access to the Shippable service to avoid any operational disruption for our customers.

JFrog Pipelines has matured to a point at which we can now recommend it as a destination for Shippable customers. Consolidating our efforts to a single product gives us the focus we need to bring you more innovation faster.

In this webinar we will introduce Shippable customers to JFrog Pipelines by covering the following topics:

  • What is JFrog Pipelines?
  • Why JFrog Pipelines is a good destination for Shippable customers
  • A demo of JFrog Pipelines
  • Timeline for the availability of the Shippable service
  • The other components of the JFrog Platform and how they constitute an end-to-end DevOps solution