JFrog Log Analytics with Elasticsearch And Kibana

JFrog Log Analytics with Elasticsearch And Kibana

Jul 27, 2020

The JFrog Platform’s unity is powered by many microservices, each with its own log record. When even a small enterprise JPD might record millions of transaction events each day, operators need to be able to connect that data to a powerful analytics tool that can help find insights.

JFrog now offers some tools that make that much easier to do, through the analytics and visualization tool you already use, including users of Elastic Stack.

Elasticsearch is a distributed and scalable search engine that can be used for searching full-text, structured text and analytics. It is commonly used to search through large volumes of data and also to search through different kinds of documents.

Kibana is the most commonly deployed visualization and dashboard for Elasticsearch. Kibana enables you to explore Elasticsearch log data through a web UI of build visualizations and dashboards.

We’ll show you how to leverage best-of-breed open source log analytic technologies: Elastic, Fluentd, and Kibana to deliver a 100% free open source log analytic platform for operations teams to gain valuable insights.

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