JFrog & HashiCorp - Scale Your Developer's Talent

JFrog & HashiCorp - Scale Your Developer's Talent

Oct 30, 2020

Join JFrog’s Baruch Sadogursky and HashiCorp’s Taylor Dolezal as they walk you through best practices for helping to enhance your team’s artifact experiences. Together HashiCorp and JFrog enable you to automate your application infrastructure end-to-end. While HashiCorp technologies implement Infrastructure as Code, the JFrog Platform manages all of the binaries, artifacts and dependencies for each build, and automates the software composition analysis, build information and deployment.

The Artifactory Terraform Provider allows users of the JFrog Platform to consume and manage artifacts stored in JFrog Artifactory. Together with Terraform and Artifactory, building your DevOps practice becomes much easier, more manageable, and more scalable whether on-prem or multi-cloud.

The Provider performs various actions against Artifactory to manage resources including groups, permissions, repositories, certificates, downloads, and metadata. Immediately after deployment, developers can write and execute code to define, deploy, and update their infrastructure concurrently. Our integration shortens software development life cycle, drives faster execution, and reduces risk and downtime by eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Terraform Integration with JFrog Artifactory - https://registry.terraform.io/providers/jfrog/artifactory/latest

JFrog Artifactory: https://jfrog.com/artifactory/