#ITConnections - Battle for Bandwidth

#ITConnections - Battle for Bandwidth

The load on cloud-based applications is at an all-time high, with people working from home accessing the same resources, simultaneously.

Daytime Internet usage skyrocketed 34.4% between the regular working hours of 9AM-5PM as a result of remote work. A large portion of that online traffic accounted for video conferencing and collaboration tools. Microsoft saw a 34% increase usage of Teams while Skype reported 59 million daily active users and 4.3 million on Zoom.

With that much online traffic, there are bound to be slow-downs experience by end users. The impact is jitter during video conference calls, dropped audio calls and unreliable access to the Internet.

These are increasingly common incidents facing businesses who are now reliant on remote workforce for productivity and revenue in uncertain times. What are the best practices that IT administrators can deploy to secure and manage reliable delivery of services?

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