Introducing composite charts and Metric Correlations

Introducing composite charts and Metric Correlations

Oct 30, 2020

We're really excited about supercharging Netdata Cloud's infrastructure monitoring experience with composite charts. These charts look just like the ones you're familiar with, but feature real-time, per-second aggregated metrics from any number of distributed nodes from across your infrastructure. You can still pan, zoom, and highlight to your heart's content while also changing the aggregate function, filtering nodes, or jumping straight into single-node dashboards for root cause analysis.

From there, we also cover Metric Correlations, which works some algorithmic magic behind the scenes to filter a dashboard down to only the charts relevant to a certain incident. With a narrowed focus, you can perform faster root cause analysis and get your infrastructure running at peak performance faster than with other solutions.

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Metric Correlations:

If you don't yet have the Netdata Agent installed, or haven't claimed your node to Netdata Cloud, read up on our installation process: