Incident Workflows with Sam Ferguson

Incident Workflows with Sam Ferguson

Feb 13, 2023

PagerDuty’s new Incident Workflows feature will help your teams build powerful, flexible incident response processes customized to your organization’s needs. Add Slack channels, Zoom calls, responding teams, and more. PagerDuty Senior Product Manager Sam Ferguson walks us through how this new featureset works and demonstrates some of the capabilities.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

01:45 - Introduction to Incident Workflows

09:30 - How Incident Workflows work with Automated Actions and Event Orchestration

11:30 - Demo of Incident Workflows for P1 and P2 incidents

12:30 - Conditional and manual triggers in Incident Workflows

13:45 - Adding Slack to the incident. See more about the Slack integration with PagerDuty in the integration guide:

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