How to monitor your APIs with Checkly API checks

How to monitor your APIs with Checkly API checks

May 2, 2024

This video covers how to use Checkly's API checks and active synthetic monitoring to streamline your API monitoring process and detect issues faster.

We'll set up a new API check to monitor one of Checkly's API endpoints and go step-by-step from configuring the API request to defining essential headers, monitoring details and retry strategies.

Checkly API check docs:
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0:00 Intro

0:22 The importance of synthetic monitoring

1:11 Create a new API check

2:08 Define request details such as headers and request body

3:06 Monitor performance with Checkly API checks

3:34 Add API check assertions

3:59 Understand the "round robin" and "parallel" scheduling strategy

4:36 Define you monitoring frequency

5:04 Create the API check

5:26 Analyze your API check results

6:07 Control your monitoring as code

6:52 Outro

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