How Accelerates Time to Triage with Code Observability

How Accelerates Time to Triage with Code Observability

Mar 16, 2022

00:00 Welcome

2:55 Monday's story - before and after Sentry

11:59 Monday's workflow

23:09 Tracing from frontend to backend (live demo)

37:05 Q&A was on a mission to better aggregate and manage server errors for their monolith backend. But, what started as a minor change turned into a “life-changing decision”—their words, not ours—to incorporate a whole new workflow for frontend, backend, and soon mobile.

Join Software Engineer Roni Avidov as she explains how started monitoring their client-side app alongside their backend to quickly uncover blindspots and accelerate time to resolution by nearly 20 minutes per issue.

In this session, will dive into their workflow and share how they:

  • Consolidated application monitoring to reduce back-and-forth between teams
  • Group issues to reduce noise
  • Triage tickets with Code Owners and Slack to take action faster

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