How to create fake data with Python and Faker | Aiven Developer Tips

How to create fake data with Python and Faker | Aiven Developer Tips

Jun 7, 2021

You can’t really test databases properly without data. In this video, Aiven’s Developer Advocate Francesco Tisiot shows you a great way to create fake data using Python and Faker. He also shares a pizza-related example - we hope you know your toppings!

Faker documentation:
Github repo:
Blog post:
Aiven Kafka Python Notebooks:


0:00 Intro

0:25 Installing Faker within the Python Notebook

1:04 Create fake data in Faker

2:00 Localize the Faker instance

3:00 Other data types available on Faker

4:56 Add new data types to Faker

6:32 How to use the seed in Faker to control the data

7:56 Getting unique values with your fake data

8:34 Useful resources

Try it yourself with Aiven - it’s free for 30 days:


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