Grafana Labs EMEA Virtual Meetup - April 2022

Grafana Labs EMEA Virtual Meetup - April 2022

Apr 8, 2022

Join Grafanistas Jessica Brown, Marcus Olsson, and Mat Ryer as they present at the April 2022 Grafana Labs Virtual EMEA Meetup.

Here's a brief look at their talks:

“Extend your Grafana experience through plugins”
By default, Grafana comes with an impressive set of different visualizations and data source integrations. But that’s not all! Many more panels and data sources are available as plugins, built by the Grafana community. In this session, you’ll learn about the new in-app plugin catalog and a few nifty plugins to get you started using plugins!

"Grafana Incident preview: incident management the Grafana way"
Mat Ryer gives an overview of Grafana’s latest contribution to the Incident Management story. Grafana Incident helps teams manage incidents by automating common tasks, and keeping a timeline of key events for later analysis.

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