Distributed Tracing and Suspect Spans

Distributed Tracing and Suspect Spans

Feb 28, 2022

At the root of every performance issue is, there is most often a single event that creates a domino effect of excruciatingly slow load times. With distributed tracing, we give you all the context to see what actually matters and help you solve what’s urgent faster. However in some cases, you might want or like really need a short cut. And this is where Suspect Spans come into play.

Suspect Spans enables you to see where the most time is spent in a transaction, helping you find the slowest operation or “work” taking place on your service without even having to click into each trace, and in this video we go into detail on how to make the best of our new Suspect Spans feature.

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00:00 - Intro

00:27 - What is Distributed Tracing?

01:50 - Why Distributed Tracing?

03:30 - What are Suspect Spans?