DevOps Automation Best Practices for Automotive Software Delivery

DevOps Automation Best Practices for Automotive Software Delivery

Sep 21, 2020

Webinar Description:
Some cars today boast more than 300M lines of code! Software has become a key differentiator and influencer on consumers’ buying decisions - with many choosing vehicles as much for their infotainment system and “all that tech” as for the horsepower.

DevOps for software embedded in vehicles is not trivial. The automotive industry faces unique challenges when it comes to delivering software -- due to complex testing matrix and deployment processes, and its strict safety, regulation and compliance rules.

DevOps and CI/CD automation enable automotive manufacturers to accelerate their releases while ensuring security and mitigating the risk of failed/recalled software releases.

Join this webinar to learn:

How DevOps helps solve the challenges around Automotive and Embedded software delivery
What a modern CI/CD pipeline and toolset look like in the Automotive industry
DevSecOps best practices: How to ensure security and compliance as an integral part of your pipeline
Patterns for reducing the footprint/latency of last-mile deployments to speed-up releases and minimize service interruption
Hard-won tips and tricks around increasing developer productivity and collaboration for complex embedded software, including:
Typical Pipeline Workflow
Quality Gates and Compliance
Observability of deployed versions
Last-mile deployments
Who should attend:
DevOps engineers, Software developers and managers from the Automotive industry.