Deploying The JFrog Platform To Kubernetes With Ease

Deploying The JFrog Platform To Kubernetes With Ease

Nov 23, 2020

In this webinar we will show you how to get the JFrog Platform up and running in no time.

Learning a new technology can be fun. It gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience and get up to speed with some of the latest technologies in the industry. However, there are times that all you want to do is install it, make a few tweaks to match your configuration and ecosystem and be up and running.

In today’s cloud-native environment, it’s not so simple. For most developers, deploying apps into Kubernetes clusters using Helm charts can be challenging. To help simplify the process, we use bash scripts to install the JFrog Platform (Artifactory, Xray, Access Federation, Distribution, Mission Control, and Pipelines) and deploy JFrog Helm charts into Kubernetes with ease to your favorite cloud provider AWS, Azure, or GCP.

JFrog Platform solution sheet: