Datadog on Data Science

Datadog on Data Science

Mar 8, 2024

In this episode we'll visit the world of predictive analytics and machine learning and uncover how these cutting-edge technologies are transforming the way Datadog monitors and improves its services.

We’ll focus our conversation on two key aspects: using advanced statistical methods for proactive monitoring and the strategic implementation of machine learning for algorithm enhancement.

Join us live to learn and ask questions about the application of Bayesian methods in detecting incidents in third-party SaaS APIs, a crucial step towards ensuring uninterrupted service and customer satisfaction. We’ll also reveal how strategic planning and execution in machine learning have led to significant improvements in critical operational algorithms.

Bringing their expertise to the table, Anne-Marie Tousch and Clement Tiennot from Datadog's data science team will share these insights, offering a rare glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of applying data science in a fast-paced tech environment.