Datadog On Agent Integration Development

Datadog On Agent Integration Development

Apr 14, 2021

0:00 - Introduction
3:45 - Datadog Integrations Overview
8:57 - Agent Integrations as Open Source Software
12:22 - Why writing an integration?
14:52 - Developer Experience
21:52 - Testing
27:48 - Continuous Integration
30:58 - Community
35:29 - Q&A

To make sure that customers are getting the most out of the platform in the least amount of time, Datadog maintains more than 400 built-in integrations. These integrations collect metrics, events, and logs from a diverse set of sources: databases, source control, bug tracking tools, cloud providers, automation tools, and more.

How do we make sure that all those integrations are properly tested, updated for new features, and delivered to millions of hosts?

In this session Ara Pulido, Technical Evangelist, will chat with Julia Simon, Team Lead, and Christine Chen, Software Engineer, both on the Agent Integrations team. We’ll cover how a new integration is added to the catalog, how they are tested, and how we collaborate with Datadog’s community.

By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of how Datadog’s Agent integrations work, how they are delivered, and how you can contribute to them with issues, feature requests or pull requests; or even write your own integrations.