Dashboarding Enterprise IT Tools with PowerShell

Dashboarding Enterprise IT Tools with PowerShell

SquaredUp’s PowerShell visualizations provide limitless extensibility when it comes to visualizing your data.

You can connect, manipulate, correlate, calculate, and visualize any data set from any tool into compelling metrics; but did you know you can also load third party PowerShell modules, compare metrics from SCOM and other data sources on the fly, visualize log files, connect to any database, and much more?

In this webinar, our panel of experts share their expertise in creating dashboards for a wide range of tools and use cases, using PowerShell.

In this webinar you will:

See their real-world examples with walk throughs of their dashboards for VMWare, Microsoft Teams and more.
Put your questions to the experts in a live Q&A.
Get a sneak peak of the new features in our latest product release, SquaredUp version 5.2.