Dashboard Fridays: Sample PagerDuty Alerting dashboard

Dashboard Fridays: Sample PagerDuty Alerting dashboard

Adam Kinniburgh is back with another Dashboard Fridays episode, this time joined by Ashley Thompson as they showcase this example PagerDuty Alerting dashboard.

This dashboard gives an overview of alerting sent to PagerDuty from any source, even external sources like Pingdom.

PagerDuty provides a unified view into alerting from many tools. The biggest limitation of this is that the data available is purely ITSM or alerting. If you wanted to display alerts from an external testing tool, like Pingdom for example, you aren’t able to place this alongside the metrics (response time) that drive the alerts.

Tune in to learn how this dashboard was made, the challenges it solves, and Shawn's top tips for building it yourself.

You learn more about this dashboard, and get your hand on the GitHub code, head over to our PagerDuty Alerting Dashboard Gallery page: