Dashboard Fridays: Sample Kubernetes dashboard

Dashboard Fridays: Sample Kubernetes dashboard

Engineers need to understand the status of microservices run on EKS, like health status of clusters and nodes, to avoid issues impacting business critical microservices. Plus, you need to be able to keep an eye on EKS resources, including whether the Kubernetes cluster has auto-scaled (where enabled).

Usually, to view these metrics, it requires looking at each EKS cluster and node group individually in the AWS Console, or via another complex third-party dashboarding tool. The data is siloed and difficult to consolidate.

With an EKS dashboard built in SquaredUp you can see the status of all EKS clusters and node groups at once due to the wide scope. Additionally, it allows for teams that might not have AWS Console access to view these metrics in an easily viewable format.

It’s also possible to place important EKS metrics on the same dashboard with microservice level metrics - surfaced with something like Prometheus - which allows engineers to view all the important metrics about a microservice without hopping between dashboards.

Tune in to see how it was built, who it's for, and the challenges it solves.

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