Dash 2021 Keynote

Dash 2021 Keynote

Oct 28, 2021

The Datadog team deliver the annual Dash keynote. At Dash 2021, we announced new products and features that give your team even greater visibility into the health and performance of your code, databases, CI/CD pipelines, and more. Now, you can monitor network devices, get visibility into your services' golden signal metrics without touching a single line of code, and integrate third-party tools into our platform with Datadog Apps. We expanded RUM to include iOS error tracking, Session Replay, and Watchdog Insights. And we introduced Datadog Observability Pipelines, which run on your infrastructure and put you in control of your observability data, from how it’s processed to where it’s sent.


00:00 Welcome from Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel

01:55 From Cloud to Edge to On Promise with Datadog CTO Alexis Lê-Quôc

03:19 Network Device Monitoring https://d-sh.io/ndm

08:22 Universal Service Monitoring https://d-sh.io/universal

12:15 Online Archives https://d-sh.io/OnlineArchives

16:24 Observability Pipelines https://d-sh.io/ObsPipeline

18:57 CI Visibility https://d-sh.io/CIVisibility

27:42 Database Monitoring https://d-sh.io/dbm

31:52 Datadog Apps + Integrations https://d-sh.io/apps

38:10 Azure Partnership with Microsoft Corporate VP Corey Sanders

50:51 Cloud Security Platform https://d-sh.io/securityplatform

55:16 Application Security https://d-sh.io/appsec-beta

59:02 Session Replay https://d-sh.io/sessionreplay
1:03:26 Cloud Cost Management https://d-sh.io/cloudcost
1:08:54 What to Expect from Dash 2021