Best Practices: Onboarding Jfrog Artifactory

Best Practices: Onboarding Jfrog Artifactory

Oct 13, 2020

This video is for Administrators exploring JFrog Artifactory looking for a universal DevOps tool as a solution to manage all your organization's project artifacts, build dependencies and release documentation from code to production. Try it out yourself:

After completing this video a new Administration will have a foundation to navigate the JFrog user interface to configure your environment to:
Add a new user and group 2:54
Manage user/group permissions 3:39
Create a local Docker repository 5:00
Push/pull an artifact to the local Docker repository 11:29

Stay in this youtube channel for customer and partner case studies, webinar knowledge and user group meetings content, or visit the JFrog Resource Center for online documentation, screencast of workflows and community groups to help you integrate JFrog Platform into your DevOps ecosystem. If you’re ready for a hands-on experience please sign up for a Free Tier of JFrog Artifactory today.

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