5G Real-time Analytics: The Last Mile of Automation

5G Real-time Analytics: The Last Mile of Automation

Feb 3, 2023

5G promises to unlock a broad set of new services across consumer, enterprise, and industrial domains at lower costs and higher velocity. It will accomplish this by adopting cloud-native, fully automated networks with end-to-end traffic engineering. Cloud native functions, DevOps, and slicing enable 5G networks to scale-in/out, support many use cases, and billions of devices, to deliver on the promise. Unfortunately, as network functions, devices, and SLAs explode, the challenge of operational troubleshooting also increases, by orders of magnitude.

This webinar will identify the technologies, applications and deployment models service providers must adopt to implement 5G real-time analytics, a.k.a. the last mile of automation, to fully realize 5G return on investment.

On this webinar we will discuss:

What has and has not been automated on the road to 5G
What technologies and analytics applications enable "the last mile of automation"
How can service providers deploy 5G real-time analytics

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