5 things to keep in mind when planning your IT budget

5 things to keep in mind when planning your IT budget

Successful budgeting plays a crucial role in helping organizations face economic downturns, business seasonality, and growth. However, strategizing an efficient IT budget for the financial year can be a herculean task, usually comprised of months of planning and revisal.

The secret to an accurate budget lies not in standard templates, but in customizing the IT budget to your organization's unique usage and business requirements.

This free webinar uncovers five steps that are integral to a successful IT budget:

  1. Identify major IT cost drivers.
  2. Modify budget plans to reflect seasonal usage trends.
  3. Understand asset longevity and the subsequent expenses.
  4. Map out business expansions and their impact on the IT budget.
  5. Analyze variances in past budgets to build a more accurate budget for the new year.

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