4 GRC Automation Ideas to Protect Your Organization

4 GRC Automation Ideas to Protect Your Organization

Dec 12, 2023

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Protecting your organization involves several activities under the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) domain. The framework addresses aspects that go from regulatory requirements to cybersecurity threats.

Automation cannot be spared in establishing a robust GRC implementation since it will help you:

  • Avoid human error.
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Gain competitive advantage.
  • Improve your decision-making.

See how InvGate Insight can help you stay GRC compliant in this video!

Key moments:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:49 Automating asset discovery and reporting
00:01:17 Building a CMDB
00:03:56 Performing internal audits
00:05:02 Risk Management automation
00:05:59 Endpoint security
00:06:22 GRC ops
00:06:22 Incident Management and Response
00:08:34 GRC workflows
00:09:21 Data protection
00:09:53 InvGate Service Desk customization
00:10:22 Conclusion

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