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The Art and Science of Forecasting in Retail and CPG

With growing eCommerce channels and increased online shopping behavior, omnichannel retailers are grappling with the increased complexity brought on, in part, by current events, but more so the anticipated need to combine online and in-store merchandising, especially for the “new normal.” Siloed decisions around allocation, promotions, in-season pricing, inventory transfers, and fulfillment will fail to deliver the expected margin performance unless they address the interconnectedness of onlin

AI: How to Avoid Any Pitfalls in Applying It to Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyse large datasets, automate mundane tasks, and improve business decision-making processes. AI-powered demand forecasting and planning can be used to streamline the buying process, manage in-season markdowns more effectively, and provide accurate demand forecasts - all of which ultimately translate into stronger margins.

Data to Dollars

In our previous blogs, we discussed the transformative capabilities of AI in demand forecasting and planning for the retail and CPG industries, as well as the data science and ethical considerations behind it. Now, in this final installment of our series, we'll explore how businesses can maximize their margins by integrating, adopting, and executing AI-powered solutions.