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Enlightning - Develop at Lightning Speed on Kubernetes with DevSpace

By now, Kubernetes has become the de-facto industry standard for container orchestration. But developing applications natively for K8s can be a real pain. Developers should be able to focus on building cool stuff without having to maintain an entire cluster on their local machine. Here's where DevSpace, an open source tool recently donated to the CNCF, comes in! By abstracting and codifying your local development environment, DevSpace makes it a breeze to automate, share and collaborate across devs and dev teams.

DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu - A Discussion with the Authors - Tanzu Talk

What is VMware Tanzu? I get asked this question a lot and, you know, I try to explain it. If you want a really good explanation, you should check out a new book on the topic, _DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu_. It's expansive and in-depth, not only on the parts of Tanzu, but also the theory, ideas, and ways of working that Tanzu embodies.
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VMware Application Catalog Extends Support to Google Artifact Registry

VMware Application Catalog (formerly Tanzu Application Catalog) is a catalog of trusted, continuously maintained, and verifiably tested open source images that is custom-built to enterprise specifications, and privately delivered directly to a customer’s registry of choice. Recently, we added JFrog Container Registry and Amazon Elastic Container Registry to our list of supported registries, in addition to Google Container Registry, Azure Container Registry, and Harbor.

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Terraform, GitOps, Helm: Automation and package management with VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Sneha Narang, Carol Pereira, and Lauren Britton contributed to this blog post. Kubernetes adoption is on the rise because it helps organizations improve software development with increased flexibility and efficiency while controlling cloud costs. In fact, our State of Kubernetes 2022 report shows 62 percent of respondents claiming that Kubernetes increases the flexibility of applications and 54 percent agreeing it offers better developer efficiency.

Deploying Kubernetes at the Edge with VMware Tanzu Using Single Node Clusters

This demonstration shows how to use VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in a hub-and-spoke architecture to create Kubernetes clusters at multiple edge locations. We also demonstrate a new feature of single node clusters using a minimal operating system to reduce the footprint even further.

Managing Kubernetes Edge Locations at Scale with VMware Tanzu Mission Control

This demonstration shows how VMware Tanzu Mission Control can be used to manage many Kubernetes edge locations with ease. Tanzu Mission Control is responsible for fleet-wide management. It has extensive capabilities that can help you visualize your entire Kubernetes footprint across many data centers and edge locations. Tanzu Mission Control makes it easier to handle lifecycle management with deployment and upgrade capabilities.
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Moving Fast and Cutting Costs in a Billion-Dollar Organization: Containers in the Automotive Industry

One may say that competitive dynamics in the automotive space are constantly changing, and they would not be wrong in the slightest. As retailers face the daily battlefield of getting their customers’ attention with the right mix of products at the right price and on the right platform, their technology infrastructure must be lean and efficient while achieving those goals—and that is no easy feat.

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3 Key Takeaways from CloudNativeSecurityCon 2023

CloudNativeSecurityCon North America, a two-day event organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), recently took place in Seattle, Washington, and gave the industry an opportunity to come together to discuss cloud native security projects and how to address today’s security challenges and opportunities. Supply chain security was a hot topic at the event, as it has been across the industry for the last few years.

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Tanzu Application Platform on AWS QuickStart: Now for Multicluster Deployments Too

The modular nature of VMware Tanzu Application Platform offers a customized environment for both developers and operators, bolstering their modernization efforts. In order to help customers reach their organizational goals, VMware continually works to refine the customer experience.