What Are the Best Revenue Models for Your Healthcare Mobile App?

What Are the Best Revenue Models for Your Healthcare Mobile App?

The healthcare industry is one of the most significant sources of economic growth in the world. As a result, it has gained technological acceptance and continues to flourish at an unprecedented pace. 

COVID-19 has, however, led to more growth in the healthcare sector. Healthcare app downloads have increased by 25% as a result of the pandemic, according to a study.

The healthcare app helps doctors to have better coordination with patients and colleagues. These apps are popular among patients as it helps them in measuring blood pressure, daily physical activity, and much more. 

That said, healthcare mobile apps can improve your return on investment (ROI) and provide you with the expected business growth. However, if you are still not receiving the desired ROI, knowing the best revenue models is imperative. 

This blog discusses the top revenue models for healthcare mobile apps that you should consider in order to reap huge profits.

Why Your Business Need a Healthcare Mobile App?

The pandemic has made many business owners inclined toward healthcare app development, as it facilitates better engagement for patients from a distance. In other words, patients can now easily access & monitor their overall medical records, prescription details, etc. 

There are numerous benefits of healthcare apps that both patients and doctors enjoy. For instance, patients can connect with doctors easily and get prescriptions online. They can find nearby clinics, collect valuable information regarding a particular disease, and more. Doctors, on the other hand, can reach out to patients globally and provide suggestions & prescriptions to patients. 

People are focused on their health and want the best. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you can consider hiring a reliable healthcare app development company to turn your app idea into reality. 

According to a study by Statista, the global health market will reach $189 billion in 2025. 

Top Revenue Models for Your Healthcare App

A beautifully designed yet engaging healthcare mobile app can be one of the crucial monetization strategies. However, generating additional revenue from the healthcare app can be time-consuming. 

Following is a list of several revenue models you can choose per your business requirements.

  • Paid Apps

One of the first revenue models for healthcare apps is premium subscriptions or paid membership. Here, users have to pay a nominal fee on a monthly basis that enables them to view all the upcoming (or ongoing) progress in the medical field. 

The presence of vast knowledge in a healthcare app helps doctors and patients with continuous learning that enhances their expertise. 

Incorporating paid apps as a revenue model in your healthcare app can benefit your business as it will help you generate high revenues. Apart from it, you will get more reliable income, keep your targeted audience engaged, resulting in better sales, and many more. 

Beyond just the direct models like premium subscriptions, there's an increasing trend in the utilization of revenue cycle management software to streamline financial processes within healthcare systems.

This software offers an integrated approach, handling everything from patient registration to final billing. Its incorporation ensures that healthcare professionals remain focused on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

  • In-App Purchase

Another effective revenue model that you must integrate into your healthcare mobile app is an in-app purchase. It is a revenue model where business owners can earn extra money by adding advanced features for the user’s benefit. 

For instance, users will pay money for a fitness app to get extra workout videos, or patients can prepay visits, buy supplements, or get their medicines refilled in medical apps. Integrating in-app purchases in a healthcare mobile app boosts the user experience, making the app more attractive and useful. 

  • In-App Advertisement

Another source of generating higher revenues for your healthcare app is introducing in-app advertisements. In this revenue model, business owners have the privilege to run personalized ads either through banners or offer special schemes on the app. 

As an entrepreneur, you can run ads to make your healthcare app successful by creating unique banner ads, native ads, expandable ads, interactive video ads, and more. However, the in-app advertisement will be beneficial only when you are not hampering the user experience. Therefore, it is advisable to offer relevant ads that include exciting offers, special discounts, and much more.

  • Service Sales

Among all mobile health apps for patients in 2019, apps that connect patients to doctors are the most popular. In addition to appointment wait times, remote consulting apps are in demand. 

You can consider adding a doctor contact option to your existing medical app. Telemedicine apps like GoodRx, which helps people compare prescription drug prices, allow anyone to access quick medical care with the need for doctors within a short timeframe.


The whole post-pandemic situation led to exponential growth in healthcare app development. After witnessing rapid growth, many healthcare business owners invested in a healthcare app development company to get the expected app solutions. 

There are numerous ways to monetize your healthcare app to achieve better results for your business. You can consider the list mentioned above of the top revenue models for your healthcare app.