Top 10 Contact Database Providers for Your Sales and Marketing Needs

Top 10 Contact Database Providers for Your Sales and Marketing Needs

The world runs on data. And accuracy is paramount. Let’s face it: inaccurate data is not worth having. Worse, fake or inaccurate data can cost you money, waste your time, and get you into trouble by causing you to contact someone who doesn’t wish to be contacted at all.

Clean, accurate contact data, on the other hand, is an investment. It makes businesses more efficient, more productive, and more professional when they reach out to potential business partners, candidates, or customers.

With this in mind, here are the best of the best contact data providers you can use to supercharge your sales and marketing. 


LinkedIn’s B2B contact data provider is called Sales Navigator. LinkedIn has spent years in the business of connecting professionals and verifying their information to facilitate the creation of new, productive business opportunities and working relationships.

Sales Navigator is easy to use as it enhances existing searches and filtering within the LinkedIn platform. In addition to enhanced search and filtering, users of Sales Navigator will be able to receive additional information, such as sales insights (delivered in real time) and lead recommendations. Exporting prospects from Sales Navigator is also a valuable feature for users looking to manage their leads efficiently.


Leadar uses a proprietary algorithm to collect and package high-quality contact data that your business can use for sales and marketing purposes. The data is verified by humans and artificial intelligence techniques to ensure that businesses spend more time developing real leads and less time chasing down dead-ends.

This is an ideal resource for recruiters, marketers, and salespeople with or without existing prospect profiles. With two layers of verification, Leadar stays on top of packaging accurate data profiles, despite continually seeking, reviewing, and adding data to its impressive database.


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform designed to help revenue teams boost sales. It is reputed to have accurate data, including phone numbers and emails, of course, but also contextual data, such as industry, size, and location, and event data, such as buyer intent, all of which could be particularly useful for sales and marketing teams. 

In addition to embedded intent data, this platform also allows the user to target decision-makers so you can make more of your time and focus on the actions and leads that are most likely to deliver. 

Packages can be customized and integrated into other apps, including Salesforce.


This resource is useful because it allows integration with LinkedIn and has a Chrome extension, tools used by businesses around the world for the purposes of B2B contact lists, sales, and marketing. 

The firm offers additional tools, not least of all lead generation and enrichment tools and data analytics capabilities. Furthermore, the technology draws on 120 million contacts, 84 million of which have known email addresses. 


If your business has already worked out its ideal customer profile or intends to do so, Clearbit might be the B2B contact data provider for you. 

Through Clearbit, your business can track visitors, create an accurate, regularly updated (weekly) database, and customize messages to those customers to boost engagement.

Clearly, data accuracy is critical here to ensure that the business appears professional and behaves appropriately with each individual client or lead in the database. A weekly update beats many providers that claim to offer access to up-to-date, accurate data for sales and marketing teams.


This is a must-look for companies looking for accurate contact and company data worldwide. 

One of the best features of UpLead is that it has contacts in more than 200 countries. 

The accuracy (95%) of the details is maintained with real-time email verification. Users can find what they need with advanced search criteria, marketing resources, email pattern intelligence, and links to social profiles. 

Expect integration with Salesforce, among other popular CRMs.


Some might say DemandScience is just another clip-on resource that extends LinkedIN’s usability. They’re wrong.

The user-friendliness and power of the Klarity Chrome extension make it worthwhile for businesses that are looking for accurate, reliable contact data they can use to build sales and marketing campaigns fast.

However, DemandScience is actually much more than that. It can help businesses create or refine prospect lists, personalize their prospecting, and enrich CRM data with quality data that includes intent data and “Confirmed Connect” technology to help businesses prioritize.


Why Zoominfo? Zoominfo is more than a contact database. It is aligned with engagement software that will help your sales or marketing team (or your solo sales and marketing efforts) take prospecting and campaigning to the next level.

It contains various productivity apps to help boost sales and conversions, focusing on buyer intelligence. It also features a web optimization suite and options that work with various workflows.


As its name suggests, Adapt is a flexible tool that suits different kinds of users. 

Whether you are a “prospector” wishing to access and collect detailed contact information, or a “lead builder” wanting to develop targeted profiles, Adapt has tailored features to help businesses and business people achieve their sales and marketing goals. 


Lusha describes itself as the “Prospecting Platform for Unlimited B2B Leads.” It offers an impressive 110 million numbers and emails to help businesses connect with key players.

Importantly for a database provider of this size, it has advanced search filters, technologies, and integrations with sites, including Salesforce and Hubspot, to help make prospecting seamless and fast.

It’s also worth noting that Lusha proclaims itself to be GDPR-compliant, which means you can worry less about the ethics of how the data was sourced, how it is stored, and how it is used.


Any of these B2B contact database providers can help a sales or marketing team boost the performance of their campaigns with a combination of deep, accurate, specific, and actionable data. 

If you’re finding it difficult to choose your provider and you’re not too motivated by price, consider their experience and reputation. A solid data provider backed by solid reviews will tell you if they can help you with your specific needs and can help you achieve your goals without wasting time or money.