Squadcast's Improved Mobile App for Better Incident Response

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Squadcast's Improved Mobile App for Better Incident Response

The 2020 pandemic has definitely changed the way teams operate across the globe. Many of you may have already experienced moving from 100% office work to 100% remote work, and now that it has been almost three years since the pandemic started many of us have resorted to hybrid models. We at Squadcast value the importance of efficient communication, reaching the right people during a crisis, and the freedom to resolve critical incidents from anywhere, anytime. Keeping that in mind, we have made major improvements to our mobile app to help you effectively partake in Incident Response activities anytime from across the globe.

This blogpost covers all the exciting improvements we have made to our mobile app like better onboarding and user experience, better design, more stability and Reliability.

You can download the Squadcast mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store.

So what’s changed?

Simpler Single Sign On (SSO)

Just like you, many of our users have been asking for an easier SSO login and we have listened. We’ve made it easier for you to login with SSO. Users can now login once and enjoy Squadcast’s services without the need to re-authenticate again and again.

Login / Onboarding

In the previous version, users weren’t prompted to grant critical Notifications/DND access permission. Users frequently missed out on granting this permission and didn’t get Incident Alerts. They had to contact our support for help or go through the documentation to resolve this.

We have taken care of this issue. The new onboarding flow will take users through the required permissions (permission for push notifications, critical notification/DND access, contacts permission to download Contact Card) during login so they don’t miss out on granting important permissions that are central to the functioning of the mobile app.

In the previous version, users couldn’t trigger the ‘Forgot Password’ flow on the login screen. They had to reset their password in the web app and then come back to the cumbersome mobile app.

With our new mobile app version, users can trigger the ‘Forgot password’ flow in the login screen and avoid the need to do it from the web app.

Incident Creation

In the new version, users can also create incidents from the mobile app without the need to log in to the web app for it, thus giving them more freedom and control over incident response activities.

Add and Delete Incident Tags

Relevant information like a priority, severity, or alert type can make incoming incidents context-rich and help expedite incident response. Users can now leverage the capability to add and delete incident tags from the mobile app, so the response teams do not miss out on critical incident information.

View Incident Details

In addition to details like ‘Assigned To, Affected Service, Alert Source, Tags, and Incident Description’, you can also view ‘Alert Payload’ details.

Creating Jira Tickets

The Jira extension is widely used for creating tickets from Squadcast in Jira Cloud or vice versa. With the new version, users can create Jira Cloud tickets from the mobile app.

Schedule Filters

Earlier, users could view schedules, but there were no filtering options. Now the users can add filters to see the schedules they are part of or look at some specific schedules as well.

Profile Actions

Now the users can do more from their profile, like editing:

  • Profile details
  • Personal Notification Rules
  • On-Call Reminder Rules

Feature Comparison

Feature Old App New App
  • No prompts to grant Critical Notifications/DND Access permissions
  • No trigger for ‘Forgot Password’ flow in the login screen.
Better Login Journey through
  • An Onboarding Flow that takes users through required permissions
  • Trigger ‘Forgot Password’ flow in the login screen
SSO Login
(frequent customer request)
Yes Yes but easier
Create Incident from the Mobile App
(frequent customer request)
No Yes
View all Incident details Limited Yes
Add/Delete Incident Tags No Yes
Create Jira Tickets No Yes
Schedules Read-only with no filters Read-only with filters to see
  • Schedules the user is part of
  • Specific Schedules
View Who’s On Call Now Yes Yes
Switch between Teams Yes Yes
View Team Members Yes Yes
Profile Edit On-Call Reminder Rules
  • Edit Profile
  • Edit Personal Notification Rules
  • Edit On-Call Reminder Rules


Still reading this? Wonderful! A big part of what we do here at Squadcast is to make our platform and services as simple as possible so you can have a seamless user experience. We hope the revamped mobile app helps us inch closer to this goal. Do try out our new mobile app and share your experience or feedback in the comments or through our support teams! Cheers!

Wanna know more? Check out our Mobile App Documentation.

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