OpsRamp Introduces The Future of Incident Response: Harnessing Machine Learning and Data Science to Predict and Prevent IT Outages

OpsRamp Introduces The Future of Incident Response: Harnessing Machine Learning and Data Science to Predict and Prevent IT Outages

San Jose, CA (September 21, 2021) OpsRamp, a modern digital operations management platform for hybrid monitoring and AI-driven event management, today announced its Summer Release which includes alert predictions for preventing outages and incidents, alert enrichment policies for faster incident troubleshooting, and auto monitoring enhancements for Alibaba Cloud and Prometheus metrics ingestion.

Machine learning and data science continue to transform the discipline of IT operations, with 75% of global 2,000 enterprises planning to adopt AIOps by 2023. As CIOs ramp up on intelligent automation for driving proactive operations, OpsRamp's latest release helps IT teams avoid outages and prevent reputational damages with predictive alerting, alert enrichment, and dynamic workflows. The OpsRamp Summer 2021 Release also introduces new monitoring integrations for Alibaba Cloud, Prometheus metrics ingestion, Hitachi, VMware, Dell EMC, and Poly.

Highlights of the OpsRamp Summer 2021 Release include:

  1. Predictive Alerting. Alert prediction policies help IT teams anticipate which alerts repeat regularly and turn into performance-impacting incidents. With AIOps, operators can reduce service degradations by identifying seasonal alert patterns as well as lower incident volumes by forecasting repetitive alerts.
  2. Alert Enrichment. Organizations can accelerate incident troubleshooting by enriching the 'problem area' field in the alert description subject. IT operators can use regular expressions to populate alert context details so that they can identify problems faster with relevant information.
  3. Auto Monitoring. IT operators can now rapidly onboard and monitor their Windows infrastructure, including Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, and SQL Server through auto monitoring. Cloud engineers can ensure centralized data storage and retention of Prometheus metrics with support for Prometheus instances running on bare metal and virtualized infrastructure.
  4. Alibaba Cloud Monitoring. CloudOps engineers can now onboard and monitor their services running in Alibaba Cloud. They can visualize, alert, and perform root cause analysis on ECS instances, Auto Scaling, RDS, Load Balancer, EMR, and VPC services within Alibaba Cloud and accelerate troubleshooting for multicloud infrastructure within a single platform.
  5. Datacenter Monitoring. System administrators can now monitor the performance and health of popular datacenter infrastructure such as Hitachi VSP OpsCenter, NAS and HCI, VMware vSAN, NSX-T and NSX-V, Dell EMC PowerScale, PowerStore and PowerMax, and Poly Trio, VVX/CCX and Group.
  6. Dynamic Workflows (Beta). Instead of building a number of different automation workflows, IT operators can maintain a single decision table to address specific operational scenarios at scale. Dynamic workflows ensure faster incident response by invoking diagnostic actions for distinct scenarios.
  7. Mobile Application. IT teams can now respond to alerts and incidents through the OpsRamp mobile application with support for both Android and iOS devices. Operators can view, sort, search, filter, comment, and take action on alerts while also being able to access, edit, sort, filter, and reassign incidents from anywhere.
  8. Powerful Visualizations. Operators can now clearly visualize metric values that can arbitrarily increase or decrease within a fixed range using Gauge charts. For network operations teams that work in 24/7 shifts, dark mode reduces eye strain, improves readability, and offers ergonomic comfort.

"Modern IT teams have to deal with escalating customer expectations, constant toil, technical debt, and an overwhelming amount of operational data to process and analyze," said Sheen Khoury, Chief Revenue Officer at OpsRamp. "OpsRamp's digital operations management platform transforms reactive incidents workflows to proactive and preventive operations for faster incident prediction, recognition, and remediation."

Learn about the OpsRamp Summer 2021 Release at www.OpsRamp.com/whatsnew or try OpsRamp free for 14 days at try.opsramp.com.

About OpsRamp

OpsRamp is a digital operations management software company whose SaaS platform is used by enterprise IT teams to monitor and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Key capabilities of the OpsRamp platform include hybrid infrastructure discovery and monitoring, event and incident management, and remediation and automation, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence. OpsRamp investors include Sapphire Ventures, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and HPE. For more information, visitwww.opsramp.com.