OpsRamp Expands Network and Collaboration System Monitoring as More Companies Encourage Work-From-Home

OpsRamp Expands Network and Collaboration System Monitoring as More Companies Encourage Work-From-Home

San Jose, CA (January 21, 2021) OpsRamp, an IT operations management platform for hybrid infrastructure monitoring, event management and automation, has expanded its solution set to support IT Ops professionals whose companies have been impacted by the pandemic.

Many midsize to large enterprises and MSPs operating hybrid IT environments struggle to understand the full picture of their network dependencies and vulnerabilities – a challenge exacerbated by the pandemic, which has increased the number of employees who are working remotely and using personal Internet connections. To reduce the risk of performance degradation and downtime due to remote work, IT Ops pros need to keep even closer tabs than usual on networks and systems.

Meanwhile, astudy performed by OpsRamp in November found that network performance monitoring and diagnostic tools were among the most popular items purchased by IT teams in 2020.

In response, OpsRamp today is rolling out two new solutions: OpsRamp NetFlow monitoring, which delivers deep analysis of network traffic, and OpsRamp Unified Communications monitoring, for detailed analysis of voice and collaboration data. NetFlow (developed by Cisco) is a protocol used by IT professionals to determine the point of origin, destination, volume and paths of traffic on a network.

"As work-from-home became the new normal in 2020, use of digital communications and collaboration systems exploded," said Ciaran Byrne, Vice President of Product Management at OpsRamp. "IT Operations teams need distinct capabilities for maintaining uptime and user productivity for the new suite of tools and network topologies running businesses today."

Two New Solutions for IT Ops Professionals

The OpsRamp NetFlow Monitoring solution allows IT Ops pros to do modeling and predictive analysis of flow data collected from servers and network devices. The solution delivers real-time diagnosis of network latency across WAN links to identify "top talkers" (source, destination, protocols, apps) impacting users and business services. OpsRamp NetFlow can also generate alerts based on network traffic utilization, and IT pros can get insights into network utilization patterns to aid in capacity planning or post-incident analysis. The OpsRamp NetFlow Monitoring solution covers the following protocols: V9, V5, IPFIX, S-FLOW, J-FLOW.

The OpsRamp UC Monitoring solution provides IT Ops pros a deep analysis of user communication (voice, SMS, video, chat) collected from UC systems such as Cisco and Avaya and cloud collaboration systems such as Zoom. IT Ops pros can view real-time diagnosis of communications data to quickly identify issues affecting users and receive alerts based on service degradations. Users can generate rich analysis of voice data for improved capacity planning, troubleshooting and post-incident investigations.

"Our network and UC monitoring solutions can support the largest enterprises and MSPs, with coverage of the top flow protocols and the UC systems in the market today," says Byrne. "These offerings are a logical step for OpsRamp, furthering our mission to offer the most comprehensive, automated and integrated platform for digital operations management."

OpsRamp NetFlow Monitoring and OpsRamp Unified Communications Monitoring are seamlessly integrated into the OpsRamp platform to deliver unified IT operations visibility. 

About OpsRamp

OpsRamp is an IT operations management software company whose SaaS platform is used by enterprise IT teams to monitor and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Key capabilities of the OpsRamp platform include hybrid infrastructure discovery and monitoring, event and incident management, and remediation and automation, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence. OpsRamp investors include Sapphire Ventures, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and HPE. Learn more here:www.opsramp.com.