Leading Software Industry and Digital Transformation Experts Unveil BizOps Manifesto

Leading Software Industry and Digital Transformation Experts Unveil BizOps Manifesto

BOSTON, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The BizOps Coalition, which advocates for fundamental change in the way business and IT collaborate in modern software development, today announced its BizOps Manifesto, a new framework designed to connect technology investments to business outcomes.

Leaders across industries have learned that too often, software investments are not tied to business outcomes. A recent survey revealed that 78 percent of respondents said the disconnect between IT and business units results in significant costs[1]. This misalignment often creates waste and hinders productivity and innovation.

"The harsh, 'new normal' reality requires a significant focus on connecting business metrics and outcomes to every IT product and project. To accomplish these objectives, IT leadership teams require pragmatic operating models and frameworks that reduce business risks and increase operational and team efficiencies," said Stephen Elliot, program vice president, Management Software and DevOps at IDC. "IT and business leaders who adopt BizOps have a great opportunity to win now, drive more team collaboration, deliver business outcomes, and thrive in the future."

The BizOps Coalition

The BizOps Coalition is focused on the advancement and adoption of the BizOps methodology. In addition, the group provides thought leadership, education and best practices BizOps strategies via the bizops.com platform. 

Founding members and BizOps Manifesto authors include Dr. Mik Kersten, founder & CEO of Tasktop; Serge Lucio, vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom; Patrick Tickle, chief product officer, Planview; Sally Elatta, CEO of AgilityHealth; Evan Leybourn, CEO of Business Agility Institute; Tom Davenport, distinguished author and professor; Dave West, founder of Scrum.org Kevin Surace, chairman/CTO of Appvance.ai and many others.

"BizOps helps improve development cycles, streamline business operations, and ultimately, accelerates digital transformation for many organizations," said Serge Lucio, an author of the BizOps Manifesto and vice president and general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. "We are excited to join with industry leaders to demonstrate how BizOps can speed informed decision making by providing the continuous feedback loop needed for digital business success."

"For thirty years, humans have been playing catch up when it comes to improving software at the rate the customer demands it," said Kevin Surace, chairman and CTO, Appvance.ai. "We are pleased to join the BizOps movement and shed a light on the business value of AI-led software testing and the role speed and quality play in making better decisions, improving customer experiences and fueling faster, positive outcomes."

"We are at yet another inflection point in enterprise IT. Too many digital transformation projects fail to meet their objectives, and yet new projects are started every day without a clear roadmap for success. BizOps is meant to change that by aligning IT investments with business processes and outcomes. It breaks down information and organizational silos. The Biz Ops Coalition is launching at a critical time when companies cannot afford to fail in their transformation initiatives," commented Dr. Mik Kersten, founder and chief executive officer of Tasktop.

The Manifesto's Guiding Principles

The BizOps Manifesto outlines 12 guiding principles to help organizations achieve business outcomes through a framework that celebrates trust, confidence and collaboration, including:

  • Business outcomes are the primary measure of success.
  • Business leaders need to make informed technology investment decisions that drive business growth, improve customer experience, and increase profitability.
  • Requirements can and should change frequently, based on changing market, customer and business requirements. Changes are welcome even after software is in production.
  • The most efficient way to build trust and confidence is through transparency, communication and shared objectives.

Supporters are encouraged to sign the manifesto at bizopsmanifesto.org.

"BizOps is an organizational culture of 'shift left' and brings technology strategy closer to business outcomes. I see BizOps as a fundamental competence for companies with a significant technology investment – one that will improve their business agility and enable them to fulfill their purpose and serve their customer, no matter what the future brings," said Evan Leybourn, CEO and cofounder, Business Agility Institute.

"Recent events have pushed organizations to pivot and accelerate initiatives faster than ever expected, forcing rapid change, hard decisions, and sometimes failure. What has become abundantly clear is that enterprises need to elevate their organizational agility and the ability to operationalize strategies and processes that maximize customer benefit," stated Patrick Tickle, chief product officer, Planview. "The principles outlined in the BizOps Manifesto encapsulate how organizations can adapt to take on these challenges."

Join the BizOps Virtual Event with Industry Experts and Influencers

To learn more about the BizOps Coalition and Manifesto, join Tom Davenport, Dr. Mik Kersten, Serge Lucio and Patrick Tickle for "BizOps Manifesto Unveiled by Industry Experts," an exclusive event hosted by theCube on October 15th at 11:00 a.m. ET. Register today to learn more about the BizOps movement. 

Media Contact:

Crystal Monahan
Guyer Group for BizOps Coalition

[1] Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Broadcom, "BizOps: Connecting IT to Business Outcomes" June 2020.