Kelverion introduces automation collaboration and version control with their new release of the Kelverion Runbook Studio for Microsoft Azure Automation

Kelverion introduces automation collaboration and version control with their new release of the Kelverion Runbook Studio for Microsoft Azure Automation

Kelverion, a specialist in Service Request Automation, has announced the newest release of the Runbook Studio, now in its 4th version.

The new version provides a range of advanced capabilities for single users and automation teams alike, to drive automation of Service Requests. The new features include team collaboration, version control and release management through the Git framework.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration enables automation teams to work together on automation projects and any changes made to runbooks can be reviewed and tested, before being combined and committed into a master source.

Version Control

With the version control capability, users can view the files from a remote server, including their full history, and review or roll back to previous versions of the runbook.

Integration with Git

The amalgamation of the Git framework with the Runbook Studio provides customers with the ability to clone repositories, create and edit branches, commit changes, and push and fetch alterations made to remote repositories. Git also allows users manage releases of different runbooks for a range of customers, a feature which is particularly beneficial for managed service providers.

All of the above new features are available on the ‘Professional Tier’ license of The Runbook Studio.

David Wooster, Kelverion’s CEO explained:

“The Professional Tier of The Runbook Studio enables users to take their automation capabilities to the next level. With the full integration of Git, customers now have the ability to collaborate on automation projects, and control versions and releases; providing an additional layer of management while delivering Automation as a Service.”

The Professional Tier license can be linked to multiple Microsoft Azure subscriptions and automation accounts, and there is no restriction on the number of runbooks which can uploaded or handled.

Kelverion have also annouced a free license tier for The Runbook Studio named the ‘Basic Tier’, for those looking to sample graphical authoring in a click and configure environment. The Basic Tier license provides a streamlined version of The Runbook Studio, which is connected to one named Microsoft Azure Automation account, where up to 25 Runbooks can be uploaded and initialised from the Runbook Studio.

Whilst the Professional Tier provides full product support as standard, the Basic Tier will have a dedicated forum hosted on, for users to submit any queries related to The Runbook Studio and automation; which will be answered by the community in a collaborative approach.

Greg Charman, VP of Solutions & Services at Kelverion, stated:

“Our Basic Tier provides those with an interest in automation the chance to try The Runbook Studio. We’re delighted to offer a free tier of the studio; users have the opportunity to sample the environment and produce their first runbooks.”

Anyone interested in the Basic or Professional Tiers of The Runbook Studio should contact the Kelverion team via or by telephoning their regional office: USA: +1 (0) 289 801 0559 or UK: +44 (0) 203 875 8035.

The Runbook Studio is also available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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