How to Give Your Business Website a Makeover - Essential Tips and Tricks

How to Give Your Business Website a Makeover - Essential Tips and Tricks

Having a website for your business is no longer optional, it should be seen as a mandatory part of business operations. Even if your business doesn’t offer eCommerce solutions, having a website makes it possible for new customers to find you and learn about your offerings. Websites can be a fabulous marketing tool and can be promoted on social media. But don’t make the assumption that any old website will do. It needs to be professional, sleek, helpful, engaging, and user-friendly.

So, what happens if your current website doesn’t live up to these requirements? Here are some of the ways you can give your business website a makeover.

It’s Time to Declutter the Website

Just as your home needs decluttering to improve organization and overall appeal, a website is the same. Use this opportunity to remove unnecessary content that is only making the page appear busy and confusing. There is nothing wrong with white space on the screen; it can help create a more positive experience.

Give Visitors an Internal Search Tool

Here’s a very simple feature that can have a huge impact on the visitor and user experience. Including an internal search tool on the site makes it easier and faster for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. There’s nothing more frustrating for a visitor to your site than having to search through page after page of content, only to get frustrated and not find what they want. You can bet they will leave your site with a negative impression and there’s a good chance they won’t return.

Once you include an internal search tool, make sure to place it in an easy-to-spot location such as a search bar across the top of each page.

Create a Blog to Increase Traffic

It can also be helpful to find ways to make the website more exciting and appealing to visitors. Creating a blog can be a huge step in the right direction. Blogs give you a chance to discuss market trends and news, talk about new products, and offer helpful tips. They can also help with SEO efforts, helping your site to rank higher in the Google search algorithm.

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Slowing Down Your Progress

The final tip is to make sure your internet connection and provider can live up to your needs when redesigning the site. You don’t want to risk losing the connection in the middle of an update or change. If the information wasn’t saved, you’ll have to start over. Moving forward, a strong internet connection will also be needed to respond to customer inquiries, fulfil orders, update product listings and so much more.

Check out the speeds this internet provider in Wright City offers as an example of the kind of specs you’ll want to look for. Fiber optic internet is usually the best option in terms of speed and reliability, it’s just a matter of whether it’s available in your town/city.

Using these tips as a guide you’ll be able to give your website a fresh new look that’s sure to attract visitors.