How Cloud Computing Technology Affects SEO and Digital Marketing

How Cloud Computing Technology Affects SEO and Digital Marketing

Companies from many industries have already gained considerable experience in using cloud services to solve business problems. One of the areas where cloud services can be most useful is, oddly enough, marketing. Indeed, in the digital realm, the use of cloud services and technologies can dramatically change how companies reach and interact with their target audience and work with important data.

The future is in cloud computing

If you type in Google search engine cloud marketing, you will find a large number of studies and reports on the subject. Technology forecasts from Forbes, Cisco, Forrester and Gartner confirm the rapid penetration of the cloud. Among other things, it is argued that in the future, more than a third of all digital content in the world will be stored in the cloud.

In terms of data storage, many private users are generating more and more content. Not in every home, there are devices that can accommodate such a volume of information, so some of this will inevitably end up in the cloud.

Forrester analysts, in turn, predict that the majority of users (including corporate ones) will exchange locally installed programs for cloud-based web applications. Such a move is due not only to personal preferences but also to the savings that clouds can provide (no need to maintain infrastructure, update programs, etc.). This is why more and more firms are shifting toward these solutions. El Paso County business owners are often on the lookout for the best marketing agency in Colorado Springs so they'd be able to follow the latest trends and make their businesses more efficient. When done right, this approach gives them a huge competitive advantage.

Benefits of cloud computing for digital marketing

One of the main advantages of cloud based marketing is the expansion of the number of platforms where you can reach a potential audience, which directly leads to an increase in the number of potential customers.

For example, a person who watches TV and writes messages on his smartphone while sitting on the couch was previously inaccessible to marketers. However, now a person can access the same information both from a TV and from a smartphone, and he does not even have to get up from the couch. There is no need for complex interfaces or a huge number of servers – people just go online because it's easy and simple, which means they immediately fall into the field of Internet marketers.

Why are marketers moving to the cloud?

  1. Support for many devices. Thanks to cloud technologies, access to files has become much easier, you can provide access to them in a couple of clicks, and users can work with information from anywhere in the world.
  2. Security. Cloud service companies pay a lot of attention to security. As a result, data residing in the cloud is often more secure than if it resides on the client's own servers because cloud providers have strong in-house security professionals who are great at protecting specific types of data.
  1. Savings. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of clouds is that they simply allow you to save resources. Companies do not need to pay for their hardware, support it, and constantly buy and renew licenses for the software they use (which also still needs to be configured).

Cloud computing marketing – the solution to all problems

Virtually all applications familiar to marketing can be run in the cloud. For example, the main marketing tool is a CRM or customer relationship management system. In this program, all data about customers, transactions, completed and pending sales, and a lot of other information is stored. The loss of the base is practically the "death" of the company.

The cloud not only ensures against the loss of the database through reliable servers and regular backups but also allows you to access it at any time and from anywhere. In addition, a cloud-based CRM system narrows down the list of requirements for devices with which you can interact with it: no artificial restrictions (only PCs with a certain version of OS and software), you can use portable devices, thin clients, computers on different platforms. Engaging reputable cloud service providers can also improve these benefits. A business like Verticomm, for instance, provides premium cloud services that can support your CRM and other digital marketing tools. You can relax knowing that your data is secure, available, and efficiently managed thanks to its robust infrastructure and security measures.

Another reliable option for comprehensive cloud services is including data migration at DataKnox, which excels in providing seamless and secure data migration solutions, allowing you to effortlessly move your valuable data to the cloud while ensuring uninterrupted access and protection. This can greatly simplify your digital marketing operations and, as a result, have a positive effect on your SEO tactics. The cloud is crucial to the success of contemporary digital marketing, and it serves as more than just a storage facility.

It is equally important to have all the necessary content always at hand – presentations, handouts, layouts, videos, etc., an essential tool for a marketing specialist. And for this, cloud technologies are also the best fit – corporate-level file storage, which allows you to securely store large volumes of media content and documentation, easily access them at any time, adjust access levels, etc.

In addition, having a SEO platform in the cloud is very reliable. Find more about SEO tools and analyze what tools suit your needs better. Thanks to such SEO tools, namely automatic link building software, which is located in the cloud, you can set up the link building process better and faster. Read more about link building tips for startups in the article written by TechDay.

The main tool for communication – email – also gains additional benefits when using cloud services. The main thing for mail is availability 24 hours a day in any place. In a word, everything that the cloud gives. This is much more convenient than installing and configuring a local mail server and much safer and more reliable than free public email services. Email organization is possible both using a public cloud service (SaaS) and using a cloud server (IaaS). The choice of the appropriate model depends on the needs of the customer.


The main goal of marketing is customer satisfaction with the company's product. And it is much easier and more convenient to achieve this goal with the use of modern technologies – cloud solutions for business. Moving familiar applications to the cloud saves time and money, speeds up work, and makes it more productive, reliable and secure. That is why many companies have switched to cloud technologies, and the dynamics of transitions are growing steadily. Accordingly, the quality of the services provided by the company is growing, which means customer loyalty, and with it, the financial results. Moving your office to the cloud for marketing is the smart choice for your entire company!