Checkly Expands Monitoring Capabilities with Introduction of Heartbeat Checks

Checkly Expands Monitoring Capabilities with Introduction of Heartbeat Checks

BOSTON, Sept. 14, 2023 -- Checkly, the leading provider of monitoring solutions powered by a Monitoring as Code (MaC) workflow, today announced the introduction of Heartbeat Checks, a new feature that significantly expands the platform's monitoring capabilities. Alongside this, Checkly has also rolled out Smart Retries, an enhancement aimed at intelligent alert management.

Heartbeat Checks, also known as CRON monitoring or dead man's switches, add a new dimension to Checkly's monitoring capabilities. Contrary to Checkly's active API and browser checks, Heartbeat checks monitor an application passively by waiting for a client to report back. Customers performing periodic actions such as sending daily status emails or monthly activity reports can now get alerted when their scheduled application actions fail. Checkly's approach to Monitoring as Code, and their new check types now provide a 360-degree view of system health.

Also introduced today Smart Retries is designed to reduce alert fatigue. This functionality allows users to configure fixed, linear or exponential retry strategies. By doing so, any failing checks are automatically re-run before alerts are triggered. This ensures that the intermittent failures are re-evaluated over extended time frames, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

"The introduction of Heartbeat Checks is a significant milestone for Checkly, marking a substantial expansion of our monitoring capabilities, as it allows users to monitor application code passively for the first time in Checkly history" said Hannes Lenke, CEO and Co-Founder of Checkly. "These new capabilities, driven by our as-code workflow, allow modern DevOps teams to monitor even more layers of their stack, bringing Checkly closer to a full-stack synthetic monitoring solution."

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