Broadcom Delivers Industry-leading Network Monitoring Scale to Meet the Demands of the Pandemic

Broadcom Delivers Industry-leading Network Monitoring Scale to Meet the Demands of the Pandemic

The global pandemic created a “new normal” for all of us, which will very likely last beyond the immediate crisis. Over 35% to 40% of the workforce will work from home multiple-days-a-week by the end of 2021.1 Telehealth is predicted to replace doctor visits by 2025, and online shopping accounted for 60% of retail spending in 2020.1

The evolution of networking has created an operational complexity never seen before with more technologies deployed and even more metrics to collect and measure now. The adoption of 5G adds to the complexity and scale needed to support increased network consumption as well as the number of devices competing for network bandwidth.2

With the release of DX NetOps network monitoring software (DX NetOps 21.2), Broadcom addresses these evolving challenges and helps its customers meet modern networking demands.

“Broadcom uniquely understands the critical role the network plays in delivering digital services and why advanced levels of observability and insights are required to overcome the challenges of modern network complexity,” says Serge Lucio, general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. “The latest release of DX NetOps was developed to directly address these challenges with industry-leading outcomes in scale, speed, and simplicity for our customers and their networks.”

DX NetOps 21.2 enhancements include:


  • Support for 500,000+ hyper-scale devices
  • Support for 300,000+ SD-WAN tunnels
  • Expanded SD-WAN, SDDC and SD Wi-Fi coverage for the broadest network monitoring coverage in the industry:
    • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud
    • Nokia Nuage software-defined data center 
    • Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed LAN and Wi-Fi technologies


  • Real-time insights into network performance via modern network telemetry collection
  • Expanded support for Syslog events/alarms to isolate network faults and improve MTTR
  • Network configuration policy violation reports


  • Enhanced alarm noise reduction with SDN event filtering to further isolate root cause
  • Centralized security configuration and administration

The cybersecurity threat landscape also continues to challenge enterprise IT teams who work daily to keep infrastructure and applications secure. Broadcom addresses this with DX NetOps 21.2 and incorporates the latest security implementations and techniques, such as enhanced authentication and encryption to further reduce exposure.

DX NetOps Assures Network Performance for Customers Amidst Pandemic Surge and Modern Network Adoption

The pandemic changed everything, from the way we shopped to the way we received healthcare. Baystate Health relies on DX NetOps monitoring scalability to deliver quality patient care via telehealth application experiences even when the pandemic significantly increased network bandwidth consumption, which was driven by this “new normal” of doctor-patient visits.

Even the largest IT service providers in the world like Fujitsu faced scalability challenges solved with DX NetOps. “As we continue to adopt new modern networking technologies as part of our Fujitsu Data Center Management and Automation (DCMA) solution portfolio for our customers, it is essential that our network monitoring software easily scale to support security and growth for global usage scenarios,'' says Alexander Zäh, practice lead for DCMA-ITOM/DCIM solutions and technical team lead for Fujitsu in Central Europe. “We walk the talk and leverage DX NetOps for our Fujitsu managed services provided out of the Fujitsu Network Operational Centers.”

Alexander recognizes the value in the latest version of the solution to get unique functionality and to future-proof Fujitsu’s network services in a secure manner while ensuring an optimal user experience.

“The density of modern networking gear along with software-defined technologies demand that network monitoring software scale to unheard of limits in order to ensure network resiliency,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, vice president of research, network management at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Broadcom’s latest version of DX NetOps successfully meets the demands of modern networking and hyper-scale network deployments.”

For more information on how Broadcom helps customers meet the demands of the pandemic and modern networking, download the customer case studies today.

To see all these capabilities in action along with customer-led sessions on their success with Broadcom’s AIOps solutions, register for our September 29th AIOps and Observability Virtual Summit here.


1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Market Report 2020: VPN Usage Spirals to an all Time High of 27.1% - Global Forecast to 2027

2. 5G users on average consume up to 2.7x more mobile data compared to 4G users