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Gain Cloud Network Visibility

As more apps and services are moved to the cloud, network operations teams can lose visibility yet are still responsible for solving issues when they occur. There is no need to suffer from cloud blind spots. Active monitoring across end-to-end network paths can help clear the skies and network operations teams can regain visibility both to and through the cloud, including multi-cloud architectures.

As Technologies Continue to Evolve, How Do You Know What DX UIM Monitors?

DX UIM is designed to add monitoring for new technologies as IT operators adopt cutting-edge devices and services to improve their competitiveness, develop new services for their end users or customers, or increase cost efficiency. DX UIM currently supports monitoring and metric collection for more than 140 different technologies. Its architecture easily allows new technologies to be added to the list. How do you know if your technologies are covered? It’s Easy: In this 3-Minute Video Our DX UIM expert explains how to navigate to the Tech Docs section on our Support website.

NetOps Expert ep 11:Top 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Issues in Modern Networks

In this latest episode of the NetOps Expert, Nestor Falcon, from the NetOps by Broadcom product team, explains how to troubleshoot issues in modern networks in five easy steps. He will walk us through examples of how a network operations team can use DX NetOps by Broadcom to determine the root cause of a network degradation issue that affected users accessing a cloud application.

NetOps Expert ep 12: AI/ML and NetOps - A Conversation with EMA

In this episode, I talk to Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research at EMA about how IT organizations are improving network management with intelligent systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Sometimes known as AIOps, these AI/ML technologies are helping organizations optimize their networks, streamline operations, and reduce security risk. We break down his research and get to real use cases that network teams can utilize today.

Critical Requirements for Rapid and Accurate Isolation of Issues in Modern Networks

NetOps by Broadcom addresses the three fundamental requirements that enable NetOps teams to speed issue detection and resolution. A highly scalable, unified data model, advanced analytics and intelligent triage workflows. The solution presents operators with the intelligence they need, within intuitive, easy-to-understand troubleshooting workflows. The solution minimizes alarm noise, so NetOps teams can quickly diagnose issues and identify the root cause. For more info, visit broadcom.com/netops.