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Critical Requirements for Rapid and Accurate Isolation of Issues in Modern Networks

NetOps by Broadcom addresses the three fundamental requirements that enable NetOps teams to speed issue detection and resolution. A highly scalable, unified data model, advanced analytics and intelligent triage workflows. The solution presents operators with the intelligence they need, within intuitive, easy-to-understand troubleshooting workflows. The solution minimizes alarm noise, so NetOps teams can quickly diagnose issues and identify the root cause. For more info, visit broadcom.com/netops.

2023 ONUG Fall Panel Discussion: Building Integrated Solutions for Network and Security

Full-Stack Analytics explores the essence of implementing cross-layer, multi-domain analytics, emphasizing the need for an integrated platform that combines endpoint and network security telemetry for holistic threat detection. In this session, we explore the transformative role of AI and machine learning in bolstering real-time intelligence across multiple layers and domains, enhancing predictive analytics and anomaly detection.

2023 ONUG Fall Keynote - Learn How To Expand Visibility Beyond the Network Edge & Triage Faster

In this 2023 ONUG Fall Keynote session, you will learn how successful enterprises trust Broadcom to help them gain visibility into the error domain beyond their network edge to immediately reveal their operational innocence and triage faster. broadcom.com/netops.

Level 1 NOC WiFi/LAN/WAN Correlation and Triage

The latest release of Network Management 23.3 from Broadcom, the solution extends assurance to cloud-based Wi-Fi architectures with global correlation to your LAN and WAN infrastructure for a complete view of network health across vendors, protocols and user experiences. Today, most NOCs still monitor Wi-Fi as if it is a wired service with no comprehension of its radio integrity or user movements. As a continuation of the "Unified NetOps" capability, v23.3 will enable any NOC to monitor wireless networks using the standard workflows for alarm management, ticketing, and triage, but with the added Level 2 NOC awareness of radio frequency metrics, noise level, interference, and wireless user demographics and movements.