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The Keys to Understanding Network Visibility from the End-User Perspective

The core network paths today’s applications take primarily live outside of IT’s control and sight, even though the burden of fixing these paths still resides with network operations. Understanding the dynamic delivery paths is critical to being able to drive successful digital transformation across the enterprise. Without this insight, there is significant risk to end-user experience, IT efficiency and the ability to support an increasingly remote workforce.

2022 Unified NetOps Explainer Video

We continue to unify the DX NetOps platform built-on decades of expertise in the network monitoring space along with best-of-breed components you have used to manage the performance of your networks for years. As we welcomed AppNeta into the Broadcom Software NetOps family in 2022, we expanded our monitoring coverage into unmanaged networks like ISP, Cloud and SaaS environments.

Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom Software

Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom Software delivers the unified end-to-end network visibility needed to understand, manage and optimize the performance of your digital services - on whatever network they may be running on. The solution extends your monitoring reach into edge services, multi-cloud and SaaS, home wireless and ISP networks, letting you see every communication path and degradation point for the entire end-user experience.

Achieve End-to-End Network Visibility for SASE

Enterprise networks now extend out over the internet due to cloud migrations, SaaS applications and hybrid work approaches. To support this, organizations are adopting SASE solutions to extend their traditional secure web gateways into the cloud. Having complete network visibility from end-to-end across these distributed environments is critical in safeguarding user experience. AppNeta and DX NetOps from Broadcom Software help you achieve network visibility anywhere, assuring the security and performance users can rely on.

The NetOps Expert - Episode 5: Broadcom Software and AppNeta - Part 2

Jeremy Rossbach, Head of DX NetOps Product Marketing and Alec Pinkham, Head of AppNeta Product Marketing continue their discussions on the recent acquisition of AppNeta by Broadcom and the reasons why the combination of both network monitoring solutions sets it apart from the industry and why our customers should be excited for the future of their network visibility.