Best Site Builders for Linux

Best Site Builders for Linux

Ubuntu is preferred by many people who know their tech and love coding and tinkering with different projects, but one of its drawbacks is that common software on Windows or MacOS might not be available for Linux. The good news is that there are many brilliant site builders for Linux; just because it can be harder to get big-name software support on Ubuntu doesn’t mean you can’t make an excellent website.

  1. Komodo

Komodo, or Komodo Edit, is an editor that is completely compatible with Linux and is completely free. It gives the budding website designer loads of features that can enrich their site and speed up their coding process. There are also different extensions that allow you to bring in other languages, special characters, or more. It is great for both XML and HTML tasks.

  1. Scribes

Scribes is a great tool to have in your toolkit because it automates repetitive operations that you might have to do when you are building a website. It supports many different programming languages – over 70 – including all the big ones. It also allows you to edit remotely and has great features – it is also open source. Because it facilitates repetition, Scribes was very popular for webmasters who were using black-hat SEO link-building practices back in the day. If you are interested in Scribes for that reason, however, you will be wasting your time – according to, Google ignores almost all backlinks – over 90%- which has all but eliminated black-hat link-building.

  1. Screem

Screem combines many different features, making it a great all-around web editor and builder. It allows you to layout your HTML in a clear and readable fashion, but it isn’t loaded with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. Instead, you have an excellent view of what matters most – your code. As a result, it’s only suitable for those who are very comfortable with HTML and CSS, but it’s also got a good interface if you want to use PHP too.

  1. Pinegrow Web Editor

Pinegrow Web Editor is designed to help you make a website on a Linux system at faster speeds than other web builders. It is designed to improve the ease of creating responsive websites at speed. It achieves that with great attention to CSS, as well as smart components that make working with Bootstrap really easy.

  1. Amaya

Amaya is an app that was built with excellent W3C compliance, so you can be assured that it will function very well and build websites that will last. It is a great app because it is so flexible – the app is small but has loads of options if you want to add plugins. It has a tiny package file size but be prepared for the app to get more weighty at a later date as you add as many plugins as you need to make working with JS, PHP, and more incredibly easy. It’s based on Resource Description Framework, as well as XLink and XPointer.