9 Beginner Tips for Selling on Shopify

9 Beginner Tips for Selling on Shopify

One of the benefits of Shopify is that it makes it easy to use third-party Shopify fulfillment services. The partner you choose will handle logistics for you, such as storing, packing, and dispatching orders placed at your Shopify store.

This allows you to focus on developing high-quality products, marketing them, and creating and managing your online store. Here are nine tips for selling on Shopify to make things easier.

Consider getting a custom theme for your Shopify store

If you don't have a Shopify store yet, you need to set it up. And if you want your brand to stand out, consider a custom theme.

Sure, Shopify offers free themes and plenty of paid options. However, your business is unique, and you just can't have an online store that looks like any other store on Shopify.

Design your theme if you can or pay a professional to create one.

Be sure your store is easy to navigate

If you want to sell on Shopify, you must ensure your store is easy to navigate. You need it to look great and load quickly. And you want your customers to enjoy browsing your store.

So, group your products into categories and present them clearly on your menu. And remember to offer filter and sort features.

Have versatile payment and shipping options

Many customers might simply abandon their cart if checkout is not fast and effective or if a store doesn't offer their favourite payment option.

To prevent this issue, offer as many payment options as possible and ensure your store's checkout process is fast and simple. Allow your customers to checkout as guests if they want to, saving time.

In addition, optimizing your shipping and delivery times is crucial. Many businesses use Shopify fulfillment services to streamline the process. You can save time when delivering orders by relying on a third-party provider.

Consider purchasing your domain

When you open a Shopify store, you are given a free domain with the brand in its URL. This can be fine for small businesses. But if you want your store to look more professional and unique, you should consider purchasing your domain.

This doesn't cost that much money, and pointing your domain to your Shopify store is simple. And it should affect how your store is perceived.

Be sure to use high-quality photos of your products

No matter which type of product you want to sell on Shopify, your customers will expect to see great photos. Taking a blurry photo of each product will not work.

Be sure you have good lighting and a great camera. The one on your smartphone should be good enough to take quality photos, but consider using a tripod to keep it steady.

Placing your products on a white background will make them stand out.

Get serious about writing great product descriptions

Your products also need great product descriptions to appeal to potential customers. Since they can't see or touch your products before purchasing them, you must describe them in extensive detail.

Also, be sure to use relevant keywords in your descriptions and metadata. This will help customers find your store and your products so you can make more sales.

Use cross-selling and up-selling strategies

Shopify allows cross-selling and up-selling strategies to sell more products to your customers.

When they add a product to their cart, your store could show them different products that would go well. Or you could set up a section that shows them your bestsellers or the latest additions to your store.

Be sure to offer customer support through live chat

Customers expect great customer support whenever they shop online, so using Shopify's live chat plugin should help you sell your products to more people.

Whenever someone has a question, needs help with your store, or wants a personalized recommendation, your customers can contact you or your team to get the support they need.

Use abandoned cart emails

Our last tip for Shopify selling is to use abandoned cart emails. Whenever a customer adds some products to their cart but leaves your store without checking out, you can send them a friendly reminder.

Even if only a tiny percentage of the customers who receive your abandoned cart emails return to complete their transaction, this simple measure will help you make more sales.

As an incentive, you could offer a small discount in your emails to make it more likely that a customer who might have gotten distracted will come back and buy your products.