3 Must-Have Skills for a New Grad Job in E-commerce

3 Must-Have Skills for a New Grad Job in E-commerce

Nov 24, 2022
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Applying for an ecommerce job after graduation can be very overwhelming. What you include in your cover letter, and demonstrating clear, concise CV writing are essential to get an interview. This is where most career beginners hesitate and often make wrong choices.

One way to boost your application is skills. The trick lies in knowing which ones ecommerce recruiters and HR professionals are looking for in your particular field, but there is more to it. Doing a deep examination of the job advertisement is also recommended.

The abilities and traits that are typically necessary for ecommerce may vary from one job to the next. Understanding the deeper meaning of each ability is a good start to picking the right ones.

In this article, we are going to examine the best ecommerce skills for new graduates to add to their resumes.

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What to Do If You Have No Previous Experience

Those starting their ecommerce careers can still set themselves apart by focusing on their first professional experiences as teenagers. Go to this post for more information on the importance of having a job while still a student.

Part-time jobs, volunteer work, and internships are the logical source to extract crucial skills you were unaware of.

But there is another approach to it. Relevant classes you took while completing your studies also make a difference. If you don’t have experience, highlighting ecommerce related courses you attended in your resume is a great alternative.

Adding these study programs proves you are truly interested in that particular line of work.

You Work Well in a Team Environment

While not an absolute must in some professional fields, the reality is that positions in ecommerce require working well with others in one way or another, whether it’s team members, clients, partners, or other stakeholders.

The question is what does teamwork mean, exactly? Making contributions, having difficult conversations respectfully, collaborating with other departments, and coordinating coworkers to achieve a common goal are some examples of it.

All career beginners, even those with no experience at all, should be able to create a catalog of situations to showcase this ability. You can do so by looking carefully at your extracurricular activities, the team sports you were part of, and any conflicts you solved in a group setting.

You Organize and Prioritize Effectively

Many new graduates are unaware of it, but they most likely have well-developed organizational skills. Did you ever have to decide between turning in a class project, going to a party, or having to work in your part-time job while at university?

In case you didn’t know it, you were organizing and prioritizing your schedule back then. A key ability in pretty much any position or industry, including eCommerce.

Some basic forms of organizing at the workplace include managing your emails, supervising projects, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records.

Prioritization means establishing an order to complete tasks most efficiently. Some strategies often used include:

  • Listing tasks
  • Organizing them in order of urgency
  • Assigning time to tasks
  • Clarifying if there will be one or multiple focuses

Make sure you add these skills to your resume and have examples ready in case you’re asked in an interview.

You Are a Fast Learner

Ecommerce employers who publish junior positions hire new graduates not so much for their expertise, but rather for their potential for high performance.

When you include this ability in your resume, you must be ready to describe your way of achieving fast learning in an interview.

Consider these elements to break down your process in case a potential employer wants to know more:

  • Setting clear learning goals
  • Focusing on one or several goals at a time
  • Following a plan
  • Using different tools
  • Taking notes
  • Trying out methods and techniques

Grasping concepts quickly can set you apart from your peers. Fast learning is an indicator of other valuable skills for the ecommerce workplace, such as active listening, being resourceful, and strategic thinking.

Understand there may be different ways to name fast learning. Here are a few adjectives you can use to demonstrate this ability:

  • Capable
  • Competent
  • Adept
  • Receptive
  • Versatile

Summing up

As an ecommerce career beginner who has recently graduated, you have a strong set of skills you have developed during your studies. Examine your recent experiences and you will find many examples.

When preparing for interviews, practice answering questions related to your abilities. Try to make an interesting story out of them without exaggerating and always reflect them in a positive tone.

One last piece of advice: be careful when listing competencies on your resume. Don’t go into extensive detail. That’s what interviews are for.

We hope you have a great start to your ecommerce career!