Uptime Robot

Jun 2, 2020   |  By Kristian
Hello everyone, Peter here, nice to e-meet you. Let me briefly introduce myself and share some insights about what has been going on with UptimeRobot lately and what the future plans are.
Sep 25, 2019   |  By Umut Muhaddisoglu
Here is a small and handy addition for having an extra level of security for the accounts. Two-factor authentication is a widely-used mechanism for making sure that the account is only reachable by you and Uptime Robot now supports it.
Sep 11, 2019   |  By Umut Muhaddisoglu
Uptime Robot can already check the status of servers/devices who have public IPs with its ping and port monitoring feature. Yet, there are many other servers/computers/devices that are inside an intranet (but connected to the internet) and need to be monitored.
Sep 5, 2019   |  By Umut Muhaddisoglu
A status page is a very easy-to-setup, nice and automated way to share the status of the websites/servers with visitors, users and teammates. And, the ability to share additional info with users like current issues or an upcoming maintenance can only make it better.
May 7, 2019   |  By Umut Muhaddisoglu
Uptime Robot provided 2 api-key types: a master api_key and monitor-specific api_key. The master api_key can be used to perform almost every action exists in the dashboard and it must not be revealed for the security of the accounts.
Jan 3, 2018   |  By WPBuilders
Learn how to monitor the uptime and downtime of your website for FREE! This is a great tool!
Jun 22, 2016   |  By WPBuilders
This is a video tutorial gives a step by step process to configure Uptime Robot to monitor your website and alert you if your website goes down.