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July 2023

HTTP Status Codes Uncovered: Your Ultimate Guide

Did you like our previous blog about domain hijacking? Let’s see if you know all the HTTP codes now. There is a complex series of dialogues happening behind the scenes every time you use the internet. Your browser and servers are always communicating — and while most people don’t understand the internet’s language, it’s definitely essential for developers and SEO experts to understand it.

A Deep Dive into the HTTP 999 Status Code

As mentioned in our ultimate guide to HTTP status codes, the HTTP 999 is unofficial, but it still plays an important role in the flow of our online journey in unexpected ways — and here’s why. So what is it for? We all know that the digital highway is held together by something called the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP.

The Invisible Threat: Understanding Domain Hijacking and Its Consequences

Did you notice when we announced the new domain expiration monitoring feature? Read on to see how it might come in handy to you. Domain names are the equivalent of real estate. But the right domain name can also be a money powerhouse. You probably paid as little as $20 for your domain name, but the biggest names out there cost a lot more than that. Trailing behind are: Shocking, isn’t it?