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April 2023

Observability: A Complete Guide

As technology advances, so does the need for software engineers and DevOps teams to understand the precise inner workings of the systems they create. In 2023, observability is quickly becoming a key factor in gaining success for many businesses. The study states that many businesses are in different stages of adopting observability into their arsenal of tools, and that the need for these practices is on the rise.

The Biggest Website Outages of All Time

As much as we all love the internet and everything it offers, we’ve also all experienced that sinking feeling when we try to access our favorite website, only to find it’s down. If you run your own site, you know that uptime is crucial for your online success — so that sinking feeling in your chest when your own website is down is … well, even worse. But let’s face it: even the internet giants aren’t immune to outages.