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February 2023

February 2023: Notifications-only sub-users and 30 seconds monitor interval

As we have previously announced: Notifications-only sub-users are here! After receiving your feedback, we realized that full-featured sub-users may not be the ideal option for everyone. This new feature is ideal for our UptimeRobot users who want to get alerted teammates or clients but don’t want to share access to account or monitors. You can manage your team mates and their access on the Team page. Here you can add / edit / remove seats with write, read, or notify-only access.

6 Real-World Status Page Examples: And What You Can Learn From Them

A status page is the most effective way to stay in touch with your users and quickly inform them about any outages or ongoing maintenance. As explained in our previous article, status pages can offer many benefits such as cost savings and a reduced number of support tickets. Creating a status page can significantly improve your incident management and relationships with your customers.