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Question Time: GenAI for Customer Experiences | ServiceNow

Yes, generative AI is a BIG deal. Brian Solis, head of global innovation at ServiceNow, shares how every organization is going to have to reimagine their business for an AI-first world. Plus, get some practical examples of how AI can improve the customer experience (like giving people what they want before they even know they want it!). Take Brian’s advice and allow your curiosity to run wild — reply in the comments with creative ways you plan to use #GenAI.

Question Time: GenAI for Developing on the Now Platform | ServiceNow

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. That was the case for Tom Freeman, a self-proclaimed generative AI skeptic and director of technical marketing here at ServiceNow. Tom sits down to answer questions about how genAI will impact developing on the Now Platform, the value of our large language model, and what’s coming next in this space. See it to believe it.

Question Time: GenAI for IT | ServiceNow

The consensus is in: Generative AI is a game-changer. Rajeev Sethi, VP of digital technology and emerging technologies at ServiceNow, discusses how genAI can improve KPIs across the business from employee satisfaction to mean time to resolution (MTTR). Now, we turn the question to you — what are some ways your workplace is using generative AI?

Question Time: GenAI and the Future of Work | ServiceNow

AI isn’t new to ServiceNow — we’ve been innovating in the space for nearly a decade. ServiceNow’s Chief Transformation Officer Kelley Steven-Waiss shares how generative AI will help employees focus on the work that matters most, get the right insights, and take the right actions. Watch until the end for her personal favorite way to use Now Assist. Now it's your turn in the hot seat — Have you discovered any innovative uses of AI at work? Drop your knowledge in the comments.

Put Gen AI to Work with Now Assist on the ServiceNow Platform

Reduce manual work for agents, with overviews and insights to help them start work fast, deflect cases, empower people, and deliver engaging experiences with natural human language, generate content automatically, including intelligent search results, work notes, and knowledge base articles, and boost developer productivity with intelligent recommendations for code..